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Check Yourself, Before You Dress Yourself

Does this outfit make me look fat? How’s my hair? Is this the right color for me? What do you think about this lipstick color? Should I wear this or that? Just some of the never ending questions women (or men) ask about their appearance. When it comes to fashion or style are we being truly honest to one another? Let me paint the scenario for you: You’re out with some of your besties doing the Friday Night thing. The entire time you are out with your besties thinking you’re looking fab. Only to find out your hair was not exactly at it’s best. Your outfit made you look unflattering and your

eyeliner, lipstick or mascara has completely smeared all over your face. Worse thing yet! You have a big ole stain on your clothes and not a single of your besties mentioned a word. So you say to yourself, "I’ve been strolling around all night looking like this?? Why didn’t one of my pals say something? Sound familiar?

Yes, we’ve all had a "fashion faux pas" and have been in this situation at one time or another. What is it about women (or men) that makes them hold back from telling someone else the truth about their appearance? I would never allow anyone I know walk out the house without letting them know if they look their very best. I’m also the girl that will remove dirt from your face, hand you a tissue if you had a snot on your nose, remove lint from your shirt and let you know if your curls are out of place. Why? Because that’s what “Total DisCLOTHESure” means. Being completely honest that can sometimes make others feel uncomfortable, but the end result is always positive one. I would expect the same in return. What goes around comes around! I’m talking about that KARMA crap we all throw around. if you want to leave “A Mark” good impression or whatever you want to call it, in this world, you need to start by being honest to one another. THAT INCLUDES YOUR BESTIE, SIGNIFICANT OTHER, etc.

I remember back in high school, midway through our school day, taking a friend of mine shopping for new underwear. Yes, this sounds rather strange, but stay with me here. She decided to wear white pants and the underwear she wore called out too much attention. In other words, she wore black underwear with white pants, which in my book is a fashion no, no. I dragged her to the nearest clothing store, bought her a pair of nude underwear and told her to fix her self up. There’s no shame in my game. I would do that anytime, anywhere and at any given moment. I would still do that to her if she needed my fashion sense. Why? Because, I would expect the same in return. When you do something good for others it comes back to you ten fold. Plus, she was my friend and I really didn’t want her getting any negative attention. Moral of the story is...she trusted me enough to help her. I could have let her walk around all day like that, but it just wasn’t right. I also knew that she was trustworthy and would never let me look like a fool in front of my peers.

WE all have that one trustee, STYLE AND FASHION savvy friend who will give you Total DisCLOTHESure about your appearance. So when in doubt, call your friends out! Ask them at any given moment to be perfectly honest with you. Be prepared for their response, because it may not be what you want to hear, but at least you know you’re getting an honest answer. Be sure to disconnect yourself from the outcome and then take the necessary steps to make the corrections. If you don't have a trustee stylish friend, ask for professional help if you need to. That’s with anything and everything, NOT just your appearance. Sometimes our gut tells us one thing and for the most part you should trust your gut. Other times its best to do a once over with a trustee friend, companion, business partner, etc. In other word, CHECK YOURSELF, BEFORE YOU DRESS YOURSELF!

What are some ways you help others look their best?

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