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I don't Have Time for That!


If you walk out the door in the a.m. in yesterday’s yoga pants, hair in a pony and still wearing last night’s jammie top, then you definitely have an image dilemma. Nothing good can come out of that my friend.  Do you see the latest trends, but just can’t figure out how to put it together?.  You feel comfort is always an option and your GO TO outfit is…wait for it…. YOUR SWEAT PANTS & BASEBALL CAP!!  This calls for a style overhaul.  Girl, I’m talking the works.  Your fashion makeover is not over, till this little lady sings. 

Can I get a woot, woot...


You really know your stuff.  Virtual high five for always staying on your “A” game. Your style is always on point. You stay classy and like a little flair every now and then.  You love being a part of the fashionsphere and know your designers from A-Z.  But guess what?   You lack CONFIDENCE!  You don’t have to spend a million dollars to look like a million bucks!  You just need to learn to work what you already have.  Lacking CONFIDENCE can keep you away from achieving those big goals.  You just need a little inspo to help you get what you really want.  It’s your Confidence Stylist to the rescue!


Save the Drama for Another Momma


You really WANT to peruse the pages of Vogue and find the latest trends, deals and steals.  With work, family and all those household chores, there’s not enough time in the day to take care of yourself.  You really wish you had a LifeStyle Super Hero.  You just wanna pick up your cellie and text your Fashionistic Gal Pal who knows all the latest trends.  Your only wish is that you knew how to get the best deals in town and maybe a little inspo. Better yet, she’ll scout the BEST deals for you and tell you what looks hot, or NOT.  You don’t have time to figure what to wear or how to wear it.  Guess What?   There’s an Gal for that!  Did someone say "Digital Stylist?"  Yup!  She’ll definitely keep your STYLE in check!  NEXXXXXT…

Someone Please Call a Whaaambulance...


Quit your whining!!  If your daily quote is, “I have nothing to wear” but you have a closet full of clothes, then you need to step it up a “belt’ notch.  STYLISH SUPERHEROES don’t come around everyday, but with this gal pal, you definitely scored yourself a keeper.  Personal Stylist please wake me up before I go-go!! Just drop me an email with the items I have in my closet styled in a cool and unique way.  Yup!  Sometimes you need a daily dose of fashion.

Trendsetter Go-Getter


When it comes to trendsetting, you are the GO-TO-GAL.  Your friends know they can count on you to get decked out in the latest trend.  You throw in a few trendy items to your every day look to keep it sleek and fresh. You’re definitely fashion forward and just need that special someone who knows just what you need, when you need it.  Like where to get your favorite pair of jeans and at the best price.  When to shop for items you love and how to get the best discounts on STUFF.  In other words…a TRENDY BESTIE who knows how to tell it like it is.  She needs to keep it short and sweet though, so you can take care of the things that really matter and continue to be that GO GETTER you were meant to be.

The Feva Diva


Oh yes GIRL!  You can rock an outfit like nobody’s business.  There’s not a single item in your closet you have worn more than once.  Can I just say, Shopaholic?!! Yes, you heard me.  You may need a little extra help in this department.  Your style taste does not match your bank account.  Your wallet just can’t handle it and seriously, your credit cards just don’t wanna come out for playdates anymore.  Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses.  It’s time to go on a fashion cleanse.  You need to bless some one else with those overstock items and bring your bank account back to life.  You really need to figure out what you need vs. what you want.  Keep that credit score in check and get back to saving those retirement bucks.  You never know when you’ll have a real LifeStyle emergency. Time for a closet detox.

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